Acoustic pictures

Acoustic panels and acoustic pictures create a pleasant room atmosphere and improve well-being. They can absorb noise, reduce noise pollution in the room and improve acoustics.

They have the effect on better speech intelligibility and increase the ability to concentrate. The effect of an acoustic panel depends on how and where it is hung.

Good acoustics not only play a major role in offices, restaurants and art practices, but also in people's own homes, especially due to the increase in working from home after the coronavirus pandemic.

High quality wool felt for good acoustics

Modern furnishings have brought minimalism and the avoidance of many textiles to the fore. But materials such as concrete, glass and open structures are not ideal for optimum acoustics. Even some architects do not pay as much attention to optimum sound insulation during construction. This is why textiles are becoming increasingly important for better acoustics and a greater sense of well-being.

The decorative acoustic pictures and acoustic panels made of high-quality wool felt from Studio Samira Nami are an ideal solution. 

Here you can see a three-dimensional acoustic picture. It was pleated by pleat artist Marina Krog and consists of pure wool felt and a wooden frame.